He begins with an idea and then it becomes something else.

Currently based in Singapore and affectionately known to his friends as Hao, he is a wearer of many different hats. A keen eye for intricate details, he gains
inspirations from everyday people and life which are translated into his daily works. He also likes to craft his subjects into beautiful and wonderful works of art in his little corner of the room.

He is the founder of creative agency, Black Mongrels.


Some little things about him that you should know.

Awards / Achievements
. Shortlisted for Noise Singapore festival showcase 2007, 2009, 2010
. Top 10 finalist in Tiger Translate FUTURE 2008
. Winner of ESPRIT Year of the Tiger Tee 2010
. Featured in Semi-Permanent 2010 First Edition book
. Exhibited in Mail Me Art: Medium Without a Message, London
. Exhibited in NIXON Art Mosh, Singapore
. Awarded GOLD in The Crowbar Awards 2010
. Awarded a Red Dot in The Red Dot Design Award 2011
. Featured in Semi-Permanent 2013 book
. Awarded Honorable Mention in Awwwards 2013
. Featured in Asia-Pacific Design No.9 book

Academic Qualifications
. Nanyang Technological University - BFA in Visual Communication        2006-2010
. Temasek Polytechnic - Diploma in Business Information Technology     2001-2004

Technical Skills
. Adobe Photoshop . Adobe Illustrator . Adobe Indesign . Adobe Dreamweaver . Adobe Fireworks . Adobe Premiere . Adobe After Effects . HTML

Selected Clientele / Work Experience
. Art Outreach . ASSEMBLY . BBH . Blackbox Research . Bureau for the Advancement of Lifestyle and Longevity and Success . Caelan & Sage . Enterprise Sports Group
. Into The Rabbit Hole . IKEA . Marina Bay Sands - ArtScience Musuem . Mercury Marketing & Communications . National Heritage Board . Never . One9Ninety
. Ogilvy & Mather . Ogilvy RedCard . Sony . Textile & Fashion Federation (TaFf) . The Butter Factory . Trine Design Associates . Watsons


Actually - We Are Eight!

To celebrate Actually's 8th anniversary, we decided to give their current storefront at Seah Street a major facelift. Using 8 vibrant colors to present 8 years of goodness, we also decided to have a bit of fun ourselves too.



Seoul Fashion Week 2013 F/W

Opening sequence for Singapore Showcase at Seoul Fashion Week 2013. Seoul Fashion Week welcomes the return of the Singapore Designers Showcase, featuring the most exciting ready-to-wear and accessories designers from Singapore: AWOL, Carrie K, Coupé-cousu, Dzojchen, MILS, and RÊVASSEUR. The showcase is located at the Seoul Fashion Fair, held on the 6th floor of IFC Seoul (Three IFC), from the 25th to 29th March 2013.



Singapore Tourism Board

Print campaign done while in BBH. The problem faced in the India market is that many who visited Singapore in the past and liked it feel that they have' ticked it off their travel list' – and the type of experiences they are looking for are more likely to be found elsewhere. Our opportunity is to let them know about the amazing learning and bonding experiences they can have with their family here. Ultimately, we want to make them feel that Singapore is far richer, more experiential destination. Thus the move from "things to see" to "things to do and experience".

Singapore, the holiday you take home with you.




Marketing collaterals for Textile & Fashion Federation (TaFf) to promote Singapore designers in WWD MAGIC, Las Vegas Convention Center held on 21 - 23 August 2012. The 6 Singapore designers are abide in me, Belicious Swimwear, I.E, Liquid by max.tan, Santorini and Triologie. Using vibrant colours and geometric elements to represent the Singapore fashion industry going into a new era of creativity and design talents, having an unpredictable yet full of energy vibe. Collaterals include: brand book, eDM.

Printed on Antalis Curious Metallics - Virtual Pearl 240gsm (Cover), 120gsm (Content). Loop stitch binding, 4C x 4C, 20pp.



Kit Kat Break Day

Kit Kat, the break champs, will celebrate the awesomeness of breaks in a big way, by declaring the birthday of their choc-covered wafer fingers...
Break Day! Create a tailor made Kit Kat characters from a mouth watering assortment of flavours and BOOMZ accessories.
Online parade starts on 29th August 2012.




Corporate collaterals for Apparel.sg to promote exemplary apparel manufactures of Singaporean origin. Adding to their legacy of excellence is their increased commitment to protecting environment and social fabric in which they do business, to build lasting partnerships. Using thread stitching to complement and portray the intricateness of their corporate business nature, a clean and minimalistic treatment is approached to set the look and feel throughout the collaterals. Printed on off-white textured paper stock and metallic foil on the corporate tagline. Collaterals include: brand book, eDM, exhibition booth and web banners.

Printed on RJ Monet 150gsm (cover), 115gsm (content). Matt Art 85gsm (inserts). Red thread stitch binding. Metallic red foil on front cover. 40pp.



Expo Riva Schuh 2012

Marketing collaterals for Textile & Fashion Federation (TaFf) to promote Singapore footwear in Expo Riva Schuh, Riva del Garda Italia held on 16 - 19 June 2012. An elegant and contemporary vintage look and feel on off-white textured paper stock is adopted to depict these shoemakers who are masters in their field. Collaterals include: brand book, eDM and exhibition banners.

Printed on RJ St. Cotton Plain White 140gsm, 4C x 4C printing and thread stitched. 16pp.



TRANOÏ: Paris Fashion Week 2012

Marketing collaterals for Textile & Fashion Federation (TaFf) to promote Singapore designers in Tranoi, paris fashion week held on 2 - 5 March 2012. Vibrant shards depicting red & white elements were used to represent the collective of Singapore accessories. Collaterals include: brand book, eDM, web banner, advertisement and carrousel screen.

Printed on Maple White 170gsm (cover), Maple White 140gsm (content). 4C x 4C printing and saddle stitched. 24pp.




Corporate identity and namecard design for Never. Pocket full of ideas, Never weeds out the unnecessary serious in a brand and brings in the big balloons full of fun, funk and function. Never prides itself in giving the brand, corporation or product a tailor-made gem of branding and identity through various online and offline spheres, creating a sincere and frothy experience worthy of a sixth helping. A monotone, hard-edge techno feel approach is adopted for the identity, giving it an edgy and minimalist look.

Debossed and silkscreened on RJ Maple Bright 250gsm, Sirio 80 Black 260gsm.



Singapore Diamond Exchange

Corporate identity, branding and website design for Singapore Diamond Exchange. SDX is a premium diamond exchange headquartered in Singapore and operating within The Singapore FreePort – Asia's one and only high security freeport and storage facility. Taking inspiration from the facets of a diamond, a sleek three-dimensional letterform is constructed for the identity. This approach is then being translated into the website interface.

Creative agency: Trine Design Associates



Blueprint 2011: Asia's Fashion Trade Gateway

Blueprint is Asia's first international fashion trade platform for East-West exchange. It uniquely specializes in launching cruise collections and curates fresh and forward menswear, womenswear and accessories including jewelry, shoes and bags from emerging designers destined for international markets. The conceptualised theme - 'Brave New World' marks the start of a brave new world for the emerging fashion designers handpicked from around the world to be showcased at Blueprint, new in the sense that are new challenges to be faced and opportunities to be seized for the freshly minted future stars of the fashion world.

A three-dimensional paper installation was also built for the set of the photoshoot and the campaign visual features a model delicately emerging from the sculptural forest and dressed in an avant-garde clothing. The campaign visual evokes a sense of timeless beauty and yet conveys a bold character of progressiveness – a reflection of Blueprint's 2011 fashion collection. The sculpture consists of arrangements of cut paper in its purest form – the intentional lack of finish and improvisatory nature create an interesting interaction between the subject (model), the clothes and the texture, plane and volume of the paper during the set.

Awarded a Red Dot in The Red Dot Design Award 2011 for Communication Design.

Creative agency: Trine Design Associates



Audi Fashion Festival 2011

Showstopper Heartbreaker.
To celebrate the epitome of fashion and car design, the new Audi A1 is transformed from a commercial object into an evocative showstopper. Inspired by the endless transition of fashion trends from season to season, through an organic skin design with a seamlessly merged dual look of 'day' and 'night' modes. The Showstopper Heartbreaker exudes the infinitely sexy combination of thrilling dynamism and tension. The 'day' mode sets a stark minimalist tone while the 'night' mode unveils bold sleek sophistication upon its powerful red background. A truly fashionable case of Jekyll and Hyde.
Car displayed at the Tent @ Orchard.

Creative agency: Trine Design Associates



Singapore Grand Prix Formula One 2010

The ultimate street race under the stars.
The first ever night race in FORMULA ONE history and nothing else has come close to this unique Singapore experience. The FORMULA 1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX continues to enthrall spectators with its exciting mix of adrenaline-pumping night racing along public roads combined with non-stop live entertainment and unrivalled corporate hospitality services. Visual collaterals for non-transit areas including MRT stations.

Art direction and creative agency: Into The Rabbit Hole



Fash Mob

Event logo and flyers creation for The Butter Factory. Calling all wannabes, has-beens and never-theres, Fash Mob celebrates the beauty of form and the joy of youth with a genre, gender and gravity-defying night of eccentricity and insanity. If you are an accessory in the art, design & fashion industry, then join the glamorous runway train with fellow media-folks, designers, make-up artists, models, illustrators, students, stylists, hipsters & wankers- in this night filled with air kisses, perfect hair, and to-die-for threads.



Trilogy by Haresh Sharma

Trilogy is a collection of three plays by Haresh Sharma that explore the fundamentals of text and realism by scrutinising pressing issues that affect contemporary society. Written between 2006 and 2008, the plays - Fundamentally Happy, Good People and Gemuk Girls - feature simple but powerful narratives that question personal, social, cultural and political convictions. These award-winning plays represent some of The Necessary Stage's most critically-acclaimed works in recent years and are set to be contemporary classics of Singapore theatre.

Art direction and creative agency: Bureau for the Advancement of Lifestyle and Longevity and Success




A graphical list of directories for the tenants located at basement one of Paragon using shapes and icons to denote a light-hearted environment.
Measurement: 7100mm x 2850mm

Creative agency: ASSEMBLY



Q&A: A Performance By daniel k

So what happens when the dance making process is further confounded by needs, wants, desires - whims and fancies - of the audience? From audience expectation to the artist communicating his message to the audience, daniel k is most concerned about his relationship that is bound by the "product", the dance in his case. The dance becomes daniel k's communication to the audience and also the audience's way of accessing what and how daniel k is expressing.
The Q&A book is featured along with the Singapore Arts Festival 2009.

Creative agency: ASSEMBLY





It's time to ditch the other days of the week.



How many percent are you?
For a pitch during stint in Ogilvy.



This display font typeface is constructed using different parts from a traditional wooden pencil. Each pencil is broken into smaller pieces, scanned and converted digitally. It would be interesting to see the tool in our daily life becoming a typeface which everyone can relate to. It gives the impression of a sketchy yet clean feel to this font. Sleek like a stick, thus the given typeface name.

Download the font HERE. (PC & MAC compatible)




This visible world is wonderfully to be delighted in. In the kingdom of consumption the citizen is king. A democratic monarchy: equality before consumption, fraternity in consumption,and freedom through consumption.



Wishing all an endless happiness, fortunes and peace this chinese new year.


The Ephemeral Society Of Disconcerting Critters

2-panel illustration in 3D.
Wear your 3D glasses now!


Victory Of The Blithesome People




We live in a climate of change. The planet is as microscopic as we see it and yet in this world, we are constantly challenging the material cycles by introducing variants that will harm our ecosystem. Climate change, pollution, toxic waste and deforestation etc are just some of the catalysts that trigger a change.
The animals are crying and the plants are dying. We must stop what we are doing now for a better life on mother Earth.

Save our ecosystem. Save our planet. Save ourselves.



A growing tree symbolizes life, reaching down to the ground to touch the hearts of many and up to the sky into our bright future at the same time.
May we grow in this wonderful and beautiful upcoming year.


The Visionary Ephemeral Of An Unfathomable Odyssey

This visionary world is wonderfully to be delighted in, and highly to be esteemed, because this moment exhibits infinite space, but there is a space also wherein all moments are infinitely exhibited, and the everlasting duration of infinite space is another region and room of joy and laughter. There's a communal knowing that a dimension of reality exists beyond the material plane, and that sense of knowing is causing a mystical resurgence on the universe. It's not just children who are looking for a missing piece. It is also a question to the nature of our reality.



A series of himself as a metamorphic creature in a visionary universe that is in search of discovering and creating dialogues with the audience.
Forget all worries, it's time to come out and play!


The Special Panda

What if pandas are a bunch of slender looking creatures who have the ability to manipulate kinetic energy and cast a hypnotic charm?


City Sounds

A singing horse jubilates the city amidst other things.



A Visual Exploration of the Circle

This is an experimental project about the explorations and experimentation of the circle's core symbolism and their meanings. The study into the world of circles will experiment with the universal symbol's geometric and symmetric forms, engaging the readers to re-interpret the circle in a contemporary approach. Often then not, the circle is depicted using long wordy descriptions. Ancient visuals sometimes accompany them but not always. Throughout the first book, the vector forms are rendered and executed according to the author's interpretation of what the meanings visually translates to. In the second book, the process on a series of rendered experimentation generated during the study is showcased. Each symbol can be broken down into smaller elements, thus resulting in other forms of patterns.

Awarded GOLD in The Crowbar Awards 2010 for Editorial Publication.

88 and 116 pages respectively. Poster and selected pages shown from the books.



I-S 17th Anniversary

26 10 2012

In celebration of I-S 17th anniversary, a collaboration with new online t-shirt retailer OuterEdit to release a special limited edition I-S 17th Anniversary OuterEdit Tee. They go for S$49 each and are available in both male & female cuts. The design will also appear on the cover of the anniversary issue in October.

Printed on O/E limited edition t-shirts, on sale online at OuterEdit.



OuterEdit - Geometry x Space x Time

17 08 2012

OuterEdit works with the world's top creative people to make artwork through a fresh online & real-time, 5-way collaborative format called the 'O/E Collab'. Showcasing the acclaimed creatives' graphic skills and their human take on the O/E Collab challenge as a group, the top-voted artwork ultimately get produced on premium OuterEdit apparel and stocked in its online store for the world to enjoy. Together We Make Awesome.

Collab Theme - Geometry x Space x Time.
In space, no one can hear you scream. But everyone can watch the geometric wizardry you beam: angry angles, points doing a pirouette, canvas-crinkling lines, curves smiling widely... it's time for space travel as we make space for time travel. To parallel universes and beyond!
Featured Creatives - Timo Boese x Junya Saito x Acci Baba x Andrew Thomas x Hao

Contributed Starting Artwork - Explorer.
The geometry of space creates its own systems of time and the sense of dynamic elements translating into a posture or ceremony of imagination.

Printed on O/E limited edition t-shirts, on sale online at OuterEdit.




07 12 2011

A dream city of the future envisioned by 20 different creatives. Controlpolis is a landscape of many design ideas, lifestyle choices and whimsical fantasies. Each piece of architecture has a story to tell, and as a collective, a wonder to be experienced. The city is a tribute to Mystic Vintage's new aviator sunglasses Control, which celebrates freedom and flight.

Exhibited at Avalon, Marina Bay Sands. Curated by Mystic Vintage.




15 10 2011

Grapheme Zine Lab is brewing at Goodman Arts Centre. Expect an experimental space where anyone can come craft a zine, learn book-making techniques, or browse/buy an array of books and zines. The Zine Mosh is an exhibition-cum-distribution experiment: 1 part tangible creativity, 2 parts freedom of self-expression. A heap of micro-publishing, a liberal sprinkling of the DIY ethos.

Self-published 16pp zine titled: zest*. Handstitched and bound. 1/1 edition.



Red Dot Design Award 2011

25 07 2011

The Red Dot design award is an international design prize award that distinguishes works which have very high design standards and quality.
Awarded a Red Dot in Communication Design for the campaign: Blueprint 2011



Kult magazine issue #6

23 06 2011

Animals are disappearing from our little planet at an alarming rate. Every 20 minutes a species of animal or plant vanishes forever. Humans are largely to blame for an accelerated extinction of these creatures and their habitat. In this issue of Kult, we celebrate animals and the lives they lead. In an age of genetic engineering and designer pets, we want to create a stronger bond between man and animal by increasing understanding. This issue is full of facts about animals, visualized by some of the most exciting artists working around the world today.

Fact: Cows give more milk when they listen to music.



NIXON Art Mosh

04 09 2010

Artwork exhibited in Nixon Art Mosh which is a global, rotating art installation featuring artwork from Nixon team riders, friends and family and is open for one night only. Previous Art Mosh stops have included installations in Paris, Vancouver, New York City, San Diego, London and Dublin. Singapore marks the first stop of The Art Mosh in South East Asia and will be followed up later in the month with a stopover in New York City.

Featured artists for The Art Mosh, Singapore will include works by:
Craig Wetherby (USA), Nick Denambride (USA), Adeline Tan, Adrian Chan, Andy Yang, Brick, CK, Debra Raymond, Jamie Paul, Gerson Gilrandy, Paul Tan, Pixelmunky, Mr.B, Harrison Love, Isabel Lofgren, Ivonne Adel - Bureos, Izzy As’ari, Kenny Chua, Kristal Melson, Mindflyer, Mojoko, Nataliette, Nazneen Aziz, Oats & Sparkle, Rick Treweek, Eeshaun, Race Krehel, Shawn Lim, Sheryo, HAO, Speak Cryptic, Vectorsum, Winnie Goh, Zahir Sanosi and Zxerokool.



The Crowbar Awards 2010

20 08 2010

The Crowbar Awards is an annual platform for emerging young creatives to showcase their best works and learn from their peers.
Awarded GOLD in Editorial Publication for the work: A Visual Exploration of the Circle.



Mail Me Art: Medium Without a Message

30 07 2010

Artwork exhibited in London. Mail Me Art: Medium Without a Message is the follow-up to the successful 2008 Mail Me Art: Going Postal with the World's Best Illustrators and Designers. Over 700 new pieces of mail art for view and buy at the Red Gate Gallery in July 2010. The 'Medium Without a Message' exhibition will be an amazing collection of envelopes and boxes from around the world decorated by some of today's most talented illustrators and artists. What makes the work special is that every single piece of art was sent through the postal system, exposed and on view as regular mail.
The works will be displayed at the exhibition in its delivered state, as handled by the postal workers during transit.

The Red Gate Gallery
209a Coldharbour Lane, London



Kult magazine issue #3

12 04 2010

Kult is a Singapore based, free independent magazine with a print run of 10,000 and supported by a roaming arcade game which houses an electronic version of the magazine. It is designed to give artists a platform for expression. By choosing a global theme each issue, they analyse a topic from several perspectives.

This theme for this issue is "AIDS". The HIV virus has proven to be a far more formidable opponent than anybody initially anticipated: 20 years of intensive research by some of the sharpest minds in the world, has failed to produce either a cure or a vaccine. The main reasons for this is because it mutates frequently in order to outsmart the body's immune system. The epidemic is still on the rise and the South and South-East of Asia are the regions where HIV is spreading the fastest. We want to help educate and raise awareness of this deadly Super Virus.



Semi-Permanent 2010 1st Edition

20 03 2010

Artwork featured in the 1st edition of the Semi-Permanent 2010 book and released in conjunction with the 2010 Sydney event. Semi-Permanent is a design event which consists of a conference and side events which include exhibitions, competitions, workshops and parties. It’s a week long celebration of all things design. Graphic Design, Film, Art, Illustration, Web Design, Photography, Visual Effects, Animation, Graffiti, Motion Graphics, Stop Motion; all these things and more. Semi-Permanent explores the diverse and exciting design world bringing together exceptionally talented artists and designers to speak at the event.

2010 marks the 4th year of the Semi-Permanent Submission Edition. 4 years of artwork submitted from people all over this glorious planet of ours.
This issue is the 5th book in the series. Purchase the Semi-Permanent book HERE.



ESPRIT Year of the Tiger Tee

01 01 2010

Winning design is out across all ESPRIT stores in Hong Kong and Macau. Printed in exquisite gold foil and selling for HKD$199. Ladies cut only.
Limited edition series.



Crossville X Ghostboy

04 09 2009

Welcome GHOSTBOY, the first in a line of new ‘Ghosts in the Machine’ papertoys! A pop-up night of paper, music and drinks at the Red Dot Museum.
Collaborated with Sharim Gubbels on his Crossville X GHOSTBOY toy exhibition which also showcases the International and Singapore series of custom GHOSTBOY models.



Speakerdog Series #6

31 07 2009

I'm a speaker, I'm a dog, I'm a way through the fog. I'm a world lover, a freedom fighter, I nurture nature so I shine brighter. I'm a piece of art, a paper toy, a smile on your face, a poster boy. I'll work with you, I'll hold your hand, I'll jump about to your favourite band. A character, a friend, a special one, I'm Speakerdog, let's have some fun!

Collaborated with Ben O'Brien on his Speakerdog Series 6.



A Nice Set Singapore

29 05 2009

Achtung! "A Nice Set" is the name of the exhibition where by an appropriately portioned 33 and 1/3 artists to customize a pair of blank DJ slipmats; the dimensions of the canvas are their only constraints. Exhibited at Hacienda.

A slipmat is a circular piece of slippery cloth or synthetic materials disc jockeys place on the turntable platter instead of the traditional rubber mat. Unlike the rubber mat which is made to keep hold the record firmly in sync with the rotating platter, slipmats are designed to slip on the platter, allowing the DJ to manipulate a record on a turntable while the platter continues to rotate underneath. This is useful for holding a record still for slip-cueing, making minute adjustments during beatmatching and mixing and pulling the record back and forth for scratching.



Tiger Translate FUTURE

31 07 2008

Like Asia, Tiger is forward-looking and always progressing, while remaining true to its heritage. Through the interpretation of FUTURE, Tiger AKAs confront the preservation or decline of tradition, globalisation, modernisation and relationships with the West in a highly personal and compelling manner.

Technology is constantly changing in today's world and Asia's rising science and technology strengths mean that in the near future, Asians will see the rise of machines and possibly an industrial revolution. we may accidentally sweep away our uniqueness and identity as Asian people therefore the past should be taken into account if we want to build a better future together. Together with Tiger, we can build a better future.

Top 10 finalist, afterparty held at Zouk.



NaniBird Batch #3

05 07 2008

Nani? What's up with that...? Little paper birds are free to download and play!
Collaborated with Josh McKible on his NaniBird Batch Three series.




Stay in touch with him, it will be fun.






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